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All you don't need to know about design.
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Все что вам не нужно знать о дизайне.

    The end of design as we know it. We could not care less.

The three things that should not be used anymore by anyone in their sane mind.  Boys at porno sites are using this

now. that is a bad sign for design fashion.

::::::::: dots::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

japanese game interface

dirty carsoninan design

carson lost his job. you heard that?

like years ago. see our example of bad design>>>>

by Maria Siberina

хватит ::::точек:::
и грязных шрифтов.
это не модно уже шесть лет.
с добрым утром.
ер дрянного дизайна>>>>

демка сделана Марией Сибериной


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